Star Trek Picard – Season 1- Prelude

By the time you read this I’ve already seen this season thrice, and I’ll be posting my review chapters as I go through the 4th time. I’ll split the first season into 4 chapters:

1. Leaving Earth

Basically the first 3 episodes, setting up the scene for things to come.

2. The Cringe

Episodes 4 and 5 are pretty bad, especially the latter… I’d recommend to skip these episodes if the series was more episodic and not this serialized. Do skip on re-watches unless you happen to like them.

3. Broken People

Episodes 6-8 (and episode 5 to some extent) deal with all the trauma the characters have gone through to get to this point. You’ll get to understand them more, and no magic hand-waving occurs! A change from every previous Trek (including Discovery) I welcome.

4. Synth Wars

Episodes 9 and 10 conclude the season with an almost showdown, but wits and tricks solve the problem without excessive bloodshed.

Overall, it’s a good Trek season. Looks-wise it’s like Discovery with improved colors and such, while the story is pretty based and shows the decline of multiple empires and how it affects its peoples. Like in ENT, humans are humans, noting more, nothing less.

Stay tuned for the in-depth reviews!


I’ve just noticed the website is shut down. So I decided to mirror it here and link to online mirrors like and in case you want to extract any of the images or follow any of the links.

Below are the facts. Whether you’re a normie accidentally stumbling across this, a feminist willing to change their mind, a men’s rights activist or a fellow MGTOW, it doesn’t matter to me as far as this post goes. Continue reading “RIP”

Little Women Screeching at the End of the Decade + Housekeeping

Greta Thunberg: How Dare You!

So, feminists are screeching because a movie mostly aimed at women didn’t put enough men in the cinema, while a subsection of them screech because the movie is “too white”.  Video: Men Blamed For Little Women FAIL While Critics BLAST White Privilege (by TheQuartering)

But you’re already familiar with the psychotic “thinking” of the Anglospherian SJW hive, so if you were interested, guess what would happen? Yep, they’d call you a pedophile. The title could imply it’s about underage girls (I have no idea and I don’t care enough to find out), and that’s usually enough to get thrown to the wolves.

Aaaaaaand that’s exactly why men don’t bother with SJW mind games anymore.

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Don’t Waste Your Time With The Mandalorian (part 1) – 0.3

The first post in this series will cover the first 3 episodes (or chapters as Disney / Lucasfilm calls them).

To preface this review, I’ll say that I’m a fan of Star Wars, but not a hardcore fan, so nowhere near to Stargate, Star Trek or The Expanse (or even Dune). You can take this either way you want to, it could theoretically sway the final score either way. I asked a few people if I should review the first 3 chapters in the first part, or wait till half of the series is out, and “we” decided the former was the better idea. Truth to be told, I still haven’t seen the other chapters coming afterwards. 😂 Let’s begin.

It’s clear that the story was written for preschoolers, so don’t expect any plot twist you wouldn’t see coming. Wokeness is almost nonexistent in this part, and it’s pretty sad to see that this alone does it for most people, even Fandom Menace members. Plus, all we had from Disney so far is trash, so I kinda expected all the undeserving praise this “live action cartoon” got. (Credit goes to Nerdrotic for that phrase.) This trash is entirely built up from space western tropes and memberberries (elements heavily relying on nostalgia), like a fucking LEGO car. Continue reading “Don’t Waste Your Time With The Mandalorian (part 1) – 0.3”

Tormentor – Recipe Ferrum Essential Edition – n/a

Tormentor - Recipe Ferrum Essential Edition
No rating as usual for personal compilations; clicking here should take you to BitChute so you can listen to the whole thing.

The original album got a lot of criticism for its cringy moments, and rightfully so, but it also has a lot of awesome riffs and moments. The idea of condensing this awesomeness into an unofficial release was born some time around spring, and finally I got around to actually make it. Continue reading “Tormentor – Recipe Ferrum Essential Edition – n/a”

How to Fix the Sequel Trilogy

Let’s start out with me finding Ep.7 lame and Ep.8 outright crap. That can’t be changed, even if Ep.9 turns out to be great (which I doubt). Not even with TLJ’s “feminism” being antifeminist in disguise by showing how “toxic masculinity” picks off the female-led Resistance with ease, but that’s a post for another time. Let’s look into the future instead.

We had a few supposed leaks that suggested that TRoS will be even worse than TLJ, including that the whole point of the story is to find the downed Death Star 2’s communication array and broadcast the story of Skywalker(s) to all inhabitants of the galaxy to incite a new wave of resistance. We also had the infamous Palpatine laugh in a trailer, and the actor was already confirmed playing in the film. There’s also an EckhartsLadder video showing how the sequel trilogy is actually a ripoff of a comic in addition to being a ripoff of the OT. I know, it sounds bad, but it can be salvaged.

How? Continue reading “How to Fix the Sequel Trilogy”

Immortalizing Digipaks

What sucks about digipaks is that they’re extremely vulnerable compared to jewel cases. So, what should you do if you want to use the discs but don’t want to fuck up the packaging? Scan the digipak, alter the images if you’d like, then print ’em all and insert the new labels into the case and put your discs in. This way, your digipak won’t be damaged and you can even put it out on a display if you’d like.

So, what do you do if you don’t have color ink and don’t wanna pay extra to have them printed in color? Obviously, you go grayscale, but if the original color is mostly dark by default, you might wanna edit it a bit. Inversion, desaturation and a few other tricks in GIMP and you’ll get the following results:

Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom. Sathanas Alive (2016)
Mayhem – De Mysteriis Dom. Sathanas Alive (2016)

Tormentor - Seventh Day of Doom (2018)
Tormentor – Seventh Day of Doom (2018)

Use two pages per cover, you print them on the same paper and it should align up nicely, you can cut ’em out and insert ’em into the case. Want a template? Here you are. The first page of the odg (LibreOffice Draw file) file is what I used for these ones (twice per project). The second page is useful if you want to make a booklet (as many pages as you like), while the last one is for discs for which you don’t have any cases at all.

Reviews in progress

I’m not really good at writing intros, so let’s just get into it!

The Expanse: I read the first 7 books in Hungarian, and saw the first 3 seasons in English. In short, it’s definitely the best sci-fi of this decade. The series ranks #3 in all time favorite sci-fi TV shows, only bested by Star Trek Enterprise (#2) and Stargate SG-1 (#1). The books, however, are massively superior to the series. Pacing is much better, the plot makes more sense (some alterations are just nope), and character development can actually happen.

Star Trek Discovery: it starts out ridiculously bad, but improves a lot during the second season. In the first, almost every SJW virtue signalling is visible and present, while in the second, they make fun of it repeatedly in a form of self-parody. It’s visually stunning, while the plot could be “a bit” better, but it picks up later on. Continue reading “Reviews in progress”

Being forced to switch browser (Vivaldi, 0.85)

It happened. Mozilla has finally chased me away.

I “survived” multiple revamps, first when they changed the UI (Australis), then also when they threw out the new extension API with Firefox Quantum, and also when I learned that the abomination known as Fenix will completely replace Firefox Mobile. That one already had me look for alternatives, but you know how it is: you can choose from Chromium-based browsers, Firefox-based browsers or obscure ones that mostly run in a terminal or don’t have proper adblock functionality. (To windblows users: even Edge jumped on the chrome bandwagon recently.) Recently, it became harder and harder to disable autoplaying media… putting the option to more and more obscure about:config entry, and even that doesn’t work sometimes. Finally, we had the recent addoncalypse in which already signed addons stopped working, and you either had to install a “random” extension, enable telemetry or wait for the update to fix it…

So, you might ask: what broke the camel’s back? Identity politics. Continue reading “Being forced to switch browser (Vivaldi, 0.85)”