Maintaining chaos and blasphemy since 1990.


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What about my Username?

How to spell:

  1. ©$€H$ŽŁØ√@’KŽ€’ (stylized)
  2. csehszlovakze (the username)
  3. csehszlovák zé (Hungarian original)
  4. ˈʧɛslovaːkzeː (IPA)
  5. Ž (as a single character)

If you want to hear it, either copy 4. into an IPA to speech converter, or copy 3. into any text to speech program that supports Hungarian. If you have espeak installed, this is the best way:

espeak -a 200 -p 40 -s 90 -v hu 'cseh-szlovák. zé.'

As for its origins, it’s the lamest joke I’ve ever heard: How does Zorro carve his sign in trees in the Czechoslovakian edition? The answer is 5. as you guessed it, the infamous “Czechoslovakian zed“.

If you want to contact me, just write a comment below. Don’t expose any personal information, it’ll be visible to everyone. Spam and doxxing will be dealt with swiftly.

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