Tormentor – Recipe Ferrum Essential Edition – n/a

Tormentor - Recipe Ferrum Essential Edition
No rating as usual for personal compilations; clicking here should take you to BitChute so you can listen to the whole thing.

The original album got a lot of criticism for its cringy moments, and rightfully so, but it also has a lot of awesome riffs and moments. The idea of condensing this awesomeness into an unofficial release was born some time around spring, and finally I got around to actually make it. Continue reading “Tormentor – Recipe Ferrum Essential Edition – n/a”

How to Fix the Sequel Trilogy

Let’s start out with me finding Ep.7 lame and Ep.8 outright crap. That can’t be changed, even if Ep.9 turns out to be great (which I doubt). Not even with TLJ’s “feminism” being antifeminist in disguise by showing how “toxic masculinity” picks off the female-led Resistance with ease, but that’s a post for another time. Let’s look into the future instead.

We had a few supposed leaks that suggested that TRoS will be even worse than TLJ, including that the whole point of the story is to find the downed Death Star 2’s communication array and broadcast the story of Skywalker(s) to all inhabitants of the galaxy to incite a new wave of resistance. We also had the infamous Palpatine laugh in a trailer, and the actor was already confirmed playing in the film. There’s also an EckhartsLadder video showing how the sequel trilogy is actually a ripoff of a comic in addition to being a ripoff of the OT. I know, it sounds bad, but it can be salvaged.

How? Continue reading “How to Fix the Sequel Trilogy”

Immortalizing Digipaks

What sucks about digipaks is that they’re extremely vulnerable compared to jewel cases. So, what should you do if you want to use the discs but don’t want to fuck up the packaging? Scan the digipak, alter the images if you’d like, then print ’em all and insert the new labels into the case and put your discs in. This way, your digipak won’t be damaged and you can even put it out on a display if you’d like.

So, what do you do if you don’t have color ink and don’t wanna pay extra to have them printed in color? Obviously, you go grayscale, but if the original color is mostly dark by default, you might wanna edit it a bit. Inversion, desaturation and a few other tricks in GIMP and you’ll get the following results:

Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom. Sathanas Alive (2016)
Mayhem – De Mysteriis Dom. Sathanas Alive (2016)
Tormentor - Seventh Day of Doom (2018)
Tormentor – Seventh Day of Doom (2018)

Use two pages per cover, you print them on the same paper and it should align up nicely, you can cut ’em out and insert ’em into the case. Want a template? Here you are. The first page of the odg (LibreOffice Draw file) file is what I used for these ones (twice per project). The second page is useful if you want to make a booklet (as many pages as you like), while the last one is for discs for which you don’t have any cases at all.

Kubuntu, or should I say Qbuntu?

I’ve been using Ubuntu 14.04 for a while, loving it, especially Unity. I didn’t even upgrade to a newer version until the LTS support lasted, but then I had to. Seeing how Unity was only on LTS life support now and how Gnome 3 has deteriorated over the years, I went ahead to try other desktop environments, ending up with KDE 5, with my current OS being Kubuntu 18.04.

I didn’t like the original look much, but KDE was always known for its customizability. The United layout sets global menus, which I always disabled whenever possible as locally integrated menus are just the best option for space saving and retaining functionality… too bad Plasma doesn’t support it. I know about the menu button I could put on the title bar, but that’s already one more click, slowing workflow tremendously, so that’s why I use classic menus (except in Firefox). Also, other people have tried to merge the top panel with the title bar of the maximized window with less success, so let’s see how I hacked around this: Continue reading “Kubuntu, or should I say Qbuntu?”

Collapse Porn and Patriarchy Fantasies vs Reality

I see that collapse porn is all rampant in the MGTOW community (not just on reddit), and I have to ask all of you: are you fucking retarded? If a collapse happens, what makes you think you’ll survive? Just think of the Venezuelan situation and keep telling yourself that you’d easily survive all the food shortages, civil disturbances and all the stuff that’s going on. What’s more, the leadership considers itself feminist, I shit you not.

Also, it’s highly unlikely to see a Western country collapse just like that because of technology and massive interconnectedness among the allies, so do you know how collapse could happen in the USA? I’ll give a few examples: extinction event (starting with the bees), total nuclear war, asteroid impact, unprecedented poisoning of the oceans, anything to do harm for the whole species. Mass immigration will be stopped, even by leftists because they love power more than ideology, and they can see now how people think about the subject. Any severe economical warfare will be countered by military force, which can easily lead to radiation poisoning, and all sides are painfully aware of this.

In short: if you don’t live in the third world, then no collapse is going to happen to your country, and if it does, it’ll kill us all. No, you won’t survive, and no, you won’t put women back in the kitchen. On to the next point…

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Tribute to Jontho

Just posting this to promote the playlist I’ve made as a tribute to Jontho’s drumming. The latest Ragnarok album wasn’t included because he changed to vocals and hired a mediocre drummer to replace him.


  1. Blood of Saints (Malediction)
  2. Nocturnal Sphere (Diabolical Age)
  3. Ancient Hate (Tsjuder – Demonic Possession)
  4. Face of Death (Kharon – Raised by Hellish Demons)
  5. Blackdoor Miracle (title track on album with the same name)
  6. In Inferno I Drown (In Nomine Sathanas)
  7. My Refuge in Darkness (Arising Realm)
  8. May Madness Hunt You Down (Collectors of the King)
  9. Et vinterland i nord (Nattferd)
Tracks in italics have been uploaded by myself, and all tracks other than 3 and 4 are by Ragnarok. The definite highlight is Nocturnal Sphere which I find to be the best song ever written by anyone.


Satanic Warmaster – Hymns for the Black Empire (2014) – N/A

So how come I don’t rate this album? Not because it’s not a real album – as in it wasn’t released by the band or any of the associated labels. In other words: this is a bootleg release… my bootleg release. (Why the fuck would I rate my own compilation? I’m not that egoistic.) No profit, no free downloads, only an album cover and the tracklist was put together by me, the rest of the work was made by Werwolf over the years.

Why has this seen the daylight if I don’t wanna make profit of it? First, because it’d be illegal and I’m not a thief. I do urge Werwolf to consider turning this into a release, even if remade to an extent. I can’t give this for free either because it’s not mine to give! So if, there by any law I’d have any rights regarding to this material now I refrain from them completely. This should be considered only the appreciation of a great artist. (Copyright owners should take this paragraph as a disclaimer.)

Werwolf has released some material off his splits on W.A.T.W.T.C.O.T.B.W.O.A.A. and this is where the idea came from… to include every Satanic Warmaster split material somewhere that is not a guest appearance or blending with others, just pure Satanic Warmaster experience. I followed a simple rule upon making this, which comes from my music listening habits: breaking albums in half is strictly prohibited, it kills the cohesion of the songs. Simply put, I took all splits until 2008 (all of them up to the point of compiling this album), sorted descending by year, and ascending by the original album title. Simple, effective, usually giving good results (in my opinion it did this time too).
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