Don’t Waste Your Time With The Mandalorian (part 1) – 0.3

The first post in this series will cover the first 3 episodes (or chapters as Disney / Lucasfilm calls them).

To preface this review, I’ll say that I’m a fan of Star Wars, but not a hardcore fan, so nowhere near to Stargate, Star Trek or The Expanse (or even Dune). You can take this either way you want to, it could theoretically sway the final score either way. I asked a few people if I should review the first 3 chapters in the first part, or wait till half of the series is out, and “we” decided the former was the better idea. Truth to be told, I still haven’t seen the other chapters coming afterwards. 😂 Let’s begin.

It’s clear that the story was written for preschoolers, so don’t expect any plot twist you wouldn’t see coming. Wokeness is almost nonexistent in this part, and it’s pretty sad to see that this alone does it for most people, even Fandom Menace members. Plus, all we had from Disney so far is trash, so I kinda expected all the undeserving praise this “live action cartoon” got. (Credit goes to Nerdrotic for that phrase.) This trash is entirely built up from space western tropes and memberberries (elements heavily relying on nostalgia), like a fucking LEGO car. Continue reading “Don’t Waste Your Time With The Mandalorian (part 1) – 0.3”

Tormentor – Recipe Ferrum Essential Edition – n/a

Tormentor - Recipe Ferrum Essential Edition
No rating as usual for personal compilations; clicking here should take you to BitChute so you can listen to the whole thing.

The original album got a lot of criticism for its cringy moments, and rightfully so, but it also has a lot of awesome riffs and moments. The idea of condensing this awesomeness into an unofficial release was born some time around spring, and finally I got around to actually make it. Continue reading “Tormentor – Recipe Ferrum Essential Edition – n/a”

How to Fix the Sequel Trilogy

Let’s start out with me finding Ep.7 lame and Ep.8 outright crap. That can’t be changed, even if Ep.9 turns out to be great (which I doubt). Not even with TLJ’s “feminism” being antifeminist in disguise by showing how “toxic masculinity” picks off the female-led Resistance with ease, but that’s a post for another time. Let’s look into the future instead.

We had a few supposed leaks that suggested that TRoS will be even worse than TLJ, including that the whole point of the story is to find the downed Death Star 2’s communication array and broadcast the story of Skywalker(s) to all inhabitants of the galaxy to incite a new wave of resistance. We also had the infamous Palpatine laugh in a trailer, and the actor was already confirmed playing in the film. There’s also an EckhartsLadder video showing how the sequel trilogy is actually a ripoff of a comic in addition to being a ripoff of the OT. I know, it sounds bad, but it can be salvaged.

How? Continue reading “How to Fix the Sequel Trilogy”

Reviews in progress

I’m not really good at writing intros, so let’s just get into it!

The Expanse: I read the first 7 books in Hungarian, and saw the first 3 seasons in English. In short, it’s definitely the best sci-fi of this decade. The series ranks #3 in all time favorite sci-fi TV shows, only bested by Star Trek Enterprise (#2) and Stargate SG-1 (#1). The books, however, are massively superior to the series. Pacing is much better, the plot makes more sense (some alterations are just nope), and character development can actually happen.

Star Trek Discovery: it starts out ridiculously bad, but improves a lot during the second season. In the first, almost every SJW virtue signalling is visible and present, while in the second, they make fun of it repeatedly in a form of self-parody. It’s visually stunning, while the plot could be “a bit” better, but it picks up later on. Continue reading “Reviews in progress”

Being forced to switch browser (Vivaldi, 0.85)

It happened. Mozilla has finally chased me away.

I “survived” multiple revamps, first when they changed the UI (Australis), then also when they threw out the new extension API with Firefox Quantum, and also when I learned that the abomination known as Fenix will completely replace Firefox Mobile. That one already had me look for alternatives, but you know how it is: you can choose from Chromium-based browsers, Firefox-based browsers or obscure ones that mostly run in a terminal or don’t have proper adblock functionality. (To windblows users: even Edge jumped on the chrome bandwagon recently.) Recently, it became harder and harder to disable autoplaying media… putting the option to more and more obscure about:config entry, and even that doesn’t work sometimes. Finally, we had the recent addoncalypse in which already signed addons stopped working, and you either had to install a “random” extension, enable telemetry or wait for the update to fix it…

So, you might ask: what broke the camel’s back? Identity politics. Continue reading “Being forced to switch browser (Vivaldi, 0.85)”

Kubuntu, or should I say Qbuntu?

I’ve been using Ubuntu 14.04 for a while, loving it, especially Unity. I didn’t even upgrade to a newer version until the LTS support lasted, but then I had to. Seeing how Unity was only on LTS life support now and how Gnome 3 has deteriorated over the years, I went ahead to try other desktop environments, ending up with KDE 5, with my current OS being Kubuntu 18.04.

I didn’t like the original look much, but KDE was always known for its customizability. The United layout sets global menus, which I always disabled whenever possible as locally integrated menus are just the best option for space saving and retaining functionality… too bad Plasma doesn’t support it. I know about the menu button I could put on the title bar, but that’s already one more click, slowing workflow tremendously, so that’s why I use classic menus (except in Firefox). Also, other people have tried to merge the top panel with the title bar of the maximized window with less success, so let’s see how I hacked around this: Continue reading “Kubuntu, or should I say Qbuntu?”

Rotation Control – 1.0 – #LandscapeMasterRace

If you’re like me, and you prefer to keep your huge ass tablet in a case instead of holding it, you’ll use it in landscape mode most of the time.

Mine is different, but you get the idea.

This is nice and all, until you encounter a few games that don’t support landscape mode. What’s worse, these games are usually pixelated as hell in full HD. I was looking for online solutions and tried a few apps until I found the gem in the title. While some games do experience a few bugs when forced into landscape mode, it’s still worth it.

The app is easy as hell to configure and use, it’s pretty intuitive, and all info is available on the play store page in case you need it.

Screenshot time! Continue reading “Rotation Control – 1.0 – #LandscapeMasterRace”

Live in 2018

Let’s recount which bands I’ve seen live this year and what they were like. I won’t include every act I’ve seen, only the memorable ones, and since none of this is fresh, I won’t go into excruciating details like I used to years ago. Maybe next year. 😛

As for the videos below, the sound was obviously better onsite than in the videos. I know I shouldn’t say this, but these years some people are way too stupid to know this. I know, I sound like an old fart despite not even being 30 kek

Ragnarok @ Blue Hell (May 4th)

There isn’t much to say apart from what I already have.


Iron Maiden @ Volt Fesztivál (June 28th)

First of all, the location itself was beyond shitty. Outrageously expensive (and you can’t even buy 1.5l water bottles, only tiny ones), quarter hour lines at the toilets, overcrowded (with a sizable percentage being jailbait girls) and so much mud it was a miracle one didn’t get stuck in it. I probably will never attend this festival ever again.

As of the concert itself, it was awesome! It was a tour for the Legacy of the Beast game (which is actually engaging, you can “waste” months with it), and as you can see from the setlist above, they played a few Blaze-era songs as well (see below), to which I always had a soft spot for. What’s more, For the Greater Good of God!!! You have no idea how long I’ve waited to see a song played live from AMoLaD, which is their best album in my opinion. Hoooly fuck, I didn’t have a voice for a few days afterwards.
The sound could have been a bit better, which was actually the venue’s fault (all bands on that stage had the same problem), but the visuals were perfect. There were also 3 huge displays for those who didn’t want to go too close (the sound was worse closer, also mosh pits), so we all got to enjoy all aspects of the show.


Tormentor @ Rockmaraton Fesztivál (July 3rd)

My most waited concert of the year. Since I couldn’t make it to the gig at the A38 ship, I checked reviews and recordings of it, and I was already blown away. To summarize, I was hyped beyond belief, and even so, I was not disappointed in the end!

The first thing I did when we got to the festival was checking the merch tent, and among other things, I got this:


That’s right, motherf##kers, a 7th Day of Doom CD+DVD signed by ALL members! I missed most of Sear Bliss (which I’ve seen millions of times, see my profile above) because the band was late as hell getting to the venue at all (plus getting to the signing tent, you know what I mean, logistics and shit), but it was worth it! The new remaster of the demo makes it much more powerful than it already was, and while the material on the DVD is subpar (random concert bits from back in the day) it was still an incredible experience.
The concert? Absolutely fantastic. They played the whole Anno Domini from beginning to end, then some songs off 7th Day. (Nothing from Recipe Ferrum, lol.) We stood as close to the sound engineers as possible, because that’s where most concerts sound the best. It was obvious that the band took this event seriously, and they didn’t just reunite for a quick cash grab.

Continue reading “Live in 2018”

To Hell and Back Again

Seems like I’m here again.

Shitloads of things happened since my last post before the Jontho tribute playlist, and even after that. Let’s not go into details, I don’t really want to recollect 4 years… I occasionally posted a video to YouTube, came across MGTOW, have been to lots of concerts and festivals, have been living life but as I said, some things have happened I won’t write about now.

So, I managed to see Ragnarok twice! Both concerts were at Blue Hell, which is kinda the default place for black metal. The first one was actually headlined by them, last year. The crowd was tiny (less then 30 people!) but that didn’t stop them from doing an amazing show. The funniest part was them not knowing the exchange rate from EUR to HUF so they had to google it. 🙂 I bought a cap and a T-Shirt of the tour. Finally, here’s a video I made during the concert:

Second time, they opened for Marduk. I honestly didn’t care that much about Marduk as they did a Panzer tour, and I used my energy for Ragnarok anyway. 😛 The place was full, the projectors were broadcasting for those preferring to sit (there weren’t many). They installed those because of a Mayhem gig beforehand which actually oversold thanks to the demand. The phone I borrowed this time was much inferior to the previous one, so no videos from me this time, but other users do have you covered:



As of MGTOW, I have been spending lots of time on reddit or youtube, under this very name of course. I decided never to make videos about it on either of my channels, but I’ll copy my “Collapse Porn and Patriarchy Fantasies versus Reality” post here, soon.

See you around!