Reviews in progress

I’m not really good at writing intros, so let’s just get into it!

The Expanse: I read the first 7 books in Hungarian, and saw the first 3 seasons in English. In short, it’s definitely the best sci-fi of this decade. The series ranks #3 in all time favorite sci-fi TV shows, only bested by Star Trek Enterprise (#2) and Stargate SG-1 (#1). The books, however, are massively superior to the series. Pacing is much better, the plot makes more sense (some alterations are just nope), and character development can actually happen.

Star Trek Discovery: it starts out ridiculously bad, but improves a lot during the second season. In the first, almost every SJW virtue signalling is visible and present, while in the second, they make fun of it repeatedly in a form of self-parody. It’s visually stunning, while the plot could be “a bit” better, but it picks up later on.

The Gifted: while the only comic I care about is Garfield, I do love the movie/TV iterations of the X-Men, and this series is no exception. Also, Amy Acker is my all-time favorite actress, so what’s not to like? A few signs of wokeness in the beginning of the second season, but it goes away quickly. I found the Von Strucker family line intriguing, to say the least, and would’ve loved to see more, if it wasn’t cancelled, that is.

The Orville: you better skip this one. The first season has a few cool sci-fi episodes (like the one with the huge ass generation ship), but most of it is just normie “humour” and unnecessary drama about relationshits, “oh I’m sooo awkward xd”-ness and just plain annoying characters. Also, if you don’t see the “plot twist” of the Identity two-parter coming after 10 minutes, then you’re hopelessly stupid to recognize an age-old sci-fi trope. I stopped watching afterwards, it was just too cringy to continue.

I’m so glad I never started watching Game of Thrones because it was over-hyped; while now seeing all the outrage after a lackluster final season. I can’t stop laughing watching others rant about it, the schadenfreude I feel is just too great.

I’m planning to write a few proper reviews and analysis posts about them, don’t worry. I also might (or might not) include Andromeda, the MCU, the Star Wars films, etc.

Now onto metal: Frost (the Hungarian band) has put all their material on YouTube! Thanks to this, I finally managed to listen to their 2014 album, and while it was weird I liked it. I’ll write a proper review of Deathtree Mystery (their latest one) later on after a few spins.

As for newer materials, I’m in the process of writing a Java application which I’ll use to fetch the discographies of each band I care about off Encyclopedia Metallum, compare it to my media library, and print any differences found. Yes, automating this is laziness on a whole new level, because I could easily follow the news for a hundred bands, right?

Live shows? Nothing planned as of today. I know that Marduk and Mgła are coming to Rockmaraton, but I simply don’t care. I skipped Marduk the last time they came, because I didn’t want to hear them play Panzer only, and I went for Ragnarok anyway. Also, I’m actually tired of Rockmaraton, it was fun a few times, and a disaster at others, so unless I see a band I definitely want to watch, I’ll go, so I won’t this year.

Finally, I’ll write about the Guayadeque Music Player (the best I found for linux so far), Featherpad, Tixati, PulseEffects and a bunch of Android apps, including the games I play, and Samsung Internet because fuck Firefox, that’s why.

See you later.