Kubuntu, or should I say Qbuntu?

I’ve been using Ubuntu 14.04 for a while, loving it, especially Unity. I didn’t even upgrade to a newer version until the LTS support lasted, but then I had to. Seeing how Unity was only on LTS life support now and how Gnome 3 has deteriorated over the years, I went ahead to try other desktop environments, ending up with KDE 5, with my current OS being Kubuntu 18.04.

I didn’t like the original look much, but KDE was always known for its customizability. The United layout sets global menus, which I always disabled whenever possible as locally integrated menus are just the best option for space saving and retaining functionality… too bad Plasma doesn’t support it. I know about the menu button I could put on the title bar, but that’s already one more click, slowing workflow tremendously, so that’s why I use classic menus (except in Firefox). Also, other people have tried to merge the top panel with the title bar of the maximized window with less success, so let’s see how I hacked around this: Continue reading “Kubuntu, or should I say Qbuntu?”